Sites Worth Visiting

Wild Cat Eduction and Conservation Fund
WCE&CF; is a non-profit organization that educates the public about the decreasing population of wild cat species around the world. They offer safe refuge for wild cats and provide funding for worldwide wild cat conservation projects.

Paws for Love
The Paws for Love Foundation provides resources and funding to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals dedicated to improving the health, welfare, and adoptability of unwanted and abused animals.Their annual fundraising event features award-winning wines, donations by local businesses and celebrities, and paintings created by shelter animals. Proceeds are used to rehabilitate adoptable animals by providing necessary medical treatment, food and training for animals in foster care programs.

Forgotten Felines
Learn what this non-profit all-volunteer organization is doing to help the feral cat colonies in Sonoma County, California.

Merrick Pet Care
Merrick high quality pet food is made with human grade ingredients, including USDA sourced meats, grains, fresh fruits and veggies. Where else can you find entrees with names like “New England Boil,” “Thanksgiving Day Stew,” or “Love Potion #9?” Several of their canned formulas have won the Glycemic Research Institute “Pet Food of the Year” honor. This is a family owned business, and their products are made in the USA. Merrick is the only food my pets receive.

MoonDoggy Ranch
MoonDoggy Ranch, located in the hills of Cotati, California, offers cage-free services for doggy day care and overnight boarders.

Boomerang Pet ID Tags
A sturdy, high quality product with easy to read engraving. I can personally vouch for this company, because all of my pets are wearing Boomerang tags.

Peter Clark Collage
WOW! I would like to move into this man’s head for about a month and study the way his brain fires while he creates his intricate, whimsical collages from scraps of paper. His work is simply amazing.

Jason Szakal
A super-creative artist working with wine capsule tops, Jason has a great eye for color and placement and a unique way of pulling it all together in a flowing mosaic style.

Jack Stuppin
Vibrant, colorful landscape paintings by well-known California artist Jack Stuppin.

Wet Canvas
The ultimate site for artists of all levels. A great resource for forums, step-by-step tutorials, videos, and thousands of links to other art-related sites. There’s even a critic on board who will evaluate your artistic creations. Allow plenty of time to fully explore this site.

Allen Butler Talcott
A gifted Connecticut impressionist who died far too young.

The Ames Gallery
A treasure trove of folk and outsider art.

Wednesday is Indigo Blue
Website of Richard Cytowic, one of the world’s leading synesthesia experts.

YouTube Synesthesia Video
Drs. Cytowic and Frakowiak discuss synesthesia in this fascinating short documentary film.
Not sure if you have synesthesia? Visit this site, where you can take several tests to find out.

A roster of famous synesthetes. You’ll be amazed by some of the names on the list.

Seed Magazine
Article entitled ‘The Most Beautiful Painting You’ve Ever Heard.’

Henri Le Chat Noir

Senile Talking Cat
Don’t take this cat to a hotel!

Olympic Cat Yodeling

Four Famous Talking Cats
You’ll probably hit the replay at least once.
Elbow’s “Independent Woman” played by kittens – on an endless loop.. (yeah, I know, it’s one of those days…just go there.)

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