Day: July 19, 2022

Dog from New York is Good at Painting

Dog Vinci, a Dog from New York is Good at Painting and Making MoneyDog Vinci, a Dog from New York is Good at Painting and Making Money

The interaction of dogs with humans so far can be said to be very close. Apart from being pets, dogs can also be used as house guards or tracking animals. But this one dog is quite different. It can be said that this dog has artistic abilities that exceed other dogs.

The dog, named Dog Vinci, has his painting skills. He is Yvonne’s pet dog who is also an artist.

Yvonne said that Dog Vinci, who used to wear a beret and a red scarf, was always nearby when he was painting. The dog seemed to continue to observe him.

“Until one day he suddenly nudged me. I asked, do you want to paint? His tail started to wag,” Yvonne explained as quoted by from

Yvonne added that the painting came naturally from her own dog. As a result, many are actually interested in the dog’s work. Now, Dog Vinci is famous in New York and his paintings sell from 50 US Dollars to 200 US Dollars per painting.

Amazingly, all the proceeds from the sale of the Dog Vinci painting were donated to charities related to animals.

Curious? Here are photos of Dog Vinci as reported by from

Well, this is how Dog Vinci paints.

Is there enough?

Dog Vinci wears a red beret and scarf with Yvonne.

Dog Vinci is serious about painting!

Yeah… His work is on display.

This is also the work of Dog Vinci which is usually priced between 50 US Dollars to 200 US Dollars.

Dog Vinci’s workspace!

His existence is not inferior to Yvonne, who is also a painter.